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Replacement Anti-Microbial Mouthpiece for Regulator Octo Snorkel with tie-wrap
Product ID: OC006

Price: $ 9.95


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  • Protect your health with the only Anti-Microbial mouthpiece.
  • Universal design will fit most scuba regulators and snorkels.
  • The comfortable biteplate has a top and bottom, allowing a more natural fit in the diver's mouth.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The patented Anti-Microbial mouthpiece looks noticeably different because it is different. It is the only mouthpiece that helps prevent the spread of bacterial infection. It is not available in designer colors because this unique mouthpiece was engineered to help solve a serious problem.

Advanced Anti-Microbial formulation destroys or reduces the growth and distribution of many harmful micro-organisms and infectious viruses. It is non-toxic and odor resistant.  Its protection has been integrated directly into the medical grade silicone to insure that the Anti-Microbial effects will never diminish. You can count on complete protection for the life of the Anti-Microbial mouthpiece!

For divers, it is the perfect replacement mouthpiece for your personal regulator. For dive shop owners, it is the perfect replacement mouthpiece for rental regulators, showing your customers that you care about their health and safety. This revolutionary new design provides a cleanliness benefit never before available in any mouthpiece.

The Anti-Microbial mouthpiece is also the perfect travel companion. With the cost and hassle of traveling with extra luggage, this mouthpiece is the single piece of equipment a diver really needs. Its universal design is compatible with most scuba regulators and some snorkels.

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