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Hydro Blade Scuba Dive Fins
Product ID: FN409

Price: $ 59.95


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  The revolutionary ridges on the blade provide stability during the kicking stroke and aid in channeling the water efficiently along the entire length of the blade. This results in a more forward thrust and greater power. Using computer aided technology; we incorporated a thermoplastic center section into the blade. This allows precise blade curving during the kicks, which results in more efficient forward propulsion of the diver. The fin is designed with a comfortable foot pocket and easy to adjust one hand release style fin strap buckles.



 Three-material bounding structure, EVA fins blade, TPR foot pocket,TPR extending from the foot pocket through the length of the blade to improve lateral flexibility,Black polyurethane rib stiffeners governing longitudinal flex whilst maximizing thrust,Patented quick-release fin buckles .

Men's Size (Shoes): M(6-9), L(9-11), XL(11-13)

Women's Size (Shoes):M(7-10), L(10-12), XL(12-14)

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