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Cobra 100% Dry Whistle Snorkel
Product ID: SK680

 $ 21.95  
Now Only: $ 19.95

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  • A unique, 100% absolute dry design -- Patented upper valve keeps water from entering the snorkel. Allows air to easily enter snorkel for clean and unobstructed breathing. Specially designed cover guards against water splashing into the snorkel. When the dry snorkel is submerged in water, the patented hinged seal reacts to seal the snorkel, preventing water from entering. As you surface, the hinged seal swings open allowing air to enter.
  • Built-in whistle housing.
  • Quick slip-in snorkel keeper.
  • Pre-curved flexible silicone corrugated low section.
  • Easy purge valve keeps stocking water out -- When feel water stocking in the bottom of the snorkel, simply squeeze the easy purge valve and spit out, which drains water from the bottom of purge that keeps the airway clear.
  • Pre-curved silicone mouthpiece, prevents jaw fatigue.
  • Silicone purge valve for easy draining.
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